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About Me

Yoga first came into my life when I was studying for my degree in Dance, Drama and Physical Theatre. My practice was solely strength and fitness based and I found it bought me a lot of focus. Fast forward a year where I find myself expecting a baby (a real live human!) and experiencing changing emotions, a changing body and a complete change of lifestyle. 

During Pregnancy I felt a real change of purpose. We were meant to have this baby and it would be the making of us. Myself and my partner moved away from our University cities, moved in with my Mother for a month, then made a home for ourselves in Tamworth. 

Through lots of YOGA and hypnobirthing practice, we built the foundations for a positive birth experience and our Son was born calmly, in hospital, at the end of 2014. It was a true test on my mind and body and it was amazing. I still remember telling my friends about birth and they all called me crazy! 

Moving into early motherhood was a huge change. We struggled with feeding but then soon found our feet. Following our instincts and trusting ourselves was key. I continued to practice gentle postnatal yoga and found that I could combine this with teaching my own classes and taking Fred along with me. My mother and baby yoga classes were a great way to move and stretch, meet other mamas and have fun!

Fast forward another year and I find myself with a very ill Mother, who we lost on new years day 2016. I suddenly found myself at my lowest point in life when I had previously had a year of new life, new career, new friends. I again turned to yoga, this time to hold me through grief. It was hard, it still is, but through movement, meditation and love I have found a way to keep going and keep growing. 

Another year later and we now have a daughter too, who I birthed at Samuel Johnson Midwife Led Unit. I kept a strong yoga practice throughout all of my second pregnancy. Teaching other expecting mamas whilst growing a baby myself was a wonderful supportive experience and it changed my perspective on pregnancy yoga and the way I teach. 

Becoming a mother for the second time without my own mother has had its struggles. I do believe that everything is as it's meant to be. That belief can be hard at times of sadness, times of exhaustion, of extreme tiredness (hello teething baby). But it is also beautiful and wonderful in its own way, in times of happiness and joy, in quiet times and restful times in everyday moments. 

Yoga and my work has given me a platform to tune in to my body, mind and breath throughout the biggest changes in life. It has kept me strong, grounded and positive and I only hope to share these benefits with you. 

I have  made it my mission to support and encourage as many women as possible to be empowered through pregnancy and birth and supported through motherhood. 

My classes take place across Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Leicester. You can find more information about class times and locations on the 'classes' tab. 

"Lovely to take time out and focus on myself and baby"

"Lots of positivity and warm atmosphere - definitely recommend" 

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